Next 2 Days Service

Service details:

Booking before 17 o‘clock, delivery before 18 o‘clock on the third day (province service).

Business support

1. Express system support all the express business

2. Visual management of the whole process

3. Pickup and delivery door to door

4. Pickup parcel in shop

5. Cash on delivery (COD)

Complete the conditions

1. Express mail information shall be filled out truthfully and in detail in strict accordance with regulations.

2. Before sending, should ensure that the package belongs to the bulk goods, does not involve contraband, frozen, dangerous goods, liquid, etc.

3. Please send the express according to the region and time specified by our company.

4. Timely inform the recipient of the arrival time of the express after the delivery, and ensure that the recipient can maintain smooth communication.

5. Please cooperate with us so as not to affect the delivery of your express.

Contact information

Please contact the customer service center of Cambodian express: 023 921 666 / 093 310 666 / 095 503 168