CE user wallet recharge agreement


Cambodian Express Co., Ltd. belongs to Cambodia Investment Holding Group with registered capital of US $10 million. It is a national express company integrating express delivery, freight forwarding, warehousing and logistics services. In this paper, it is referred to as CE for short.

Users can recharge through bank or online payment platforms. The balance after recharge can be used to purchase goods or services on the CE platform, but online cash withdrawal or transfer to other users is not supported.

Users can apply a refund for the remaining balance after recharging. The CE staff will review and refund the user by manual operation. The time limit is 2 working days.

After the user uses the balance to purchase goods or services, if the return of goods or services occurs, it shall be handled according to the relevant rules and procedures on the CE platform, and the CE customer will also assist the user to complete the relevant procedures.